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Anonymous asked: Hey there beautiful, how are you? Perfect as you are probably! Just wanted to remind you how beautiful of a person you are if you forgot, love ya! -AFriendlyNieghbor


Thank you very much 🌸

Tony Perry 

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The story of how a hamster taught me the true meaning of freedom.

new video everyone! please help me out by reblogging this and i will lovingly stalk the blogs of those of you that do  thank you!

such an inspiring story dan

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Favorite Selfies Vic Fuentes

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Anonymous asked: Yo Xantia!! What's happening with the videos and stuff you took at the London meet up? Are they going on Max's channel or are they just for personal use?☺️



Max always posts meet up videos when he does one so it will be going up, he’s not happy with what I filmed though and no one in line was very much fun when I tried to get them to say things and apparently I talked too much and made too much noise -.-

I am very sorry for the lack of enthusiasm in the line, I’m looking forward to seeing the video though!!☺️

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